5 reasons why you should eat slowly

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We lead a life that is too hectic, always what to be able to fit more commitments possible, for dest egg arci well between family and work. It is a style of life that often forces us not only to eat badly and too quickly, all the bad habits that endanger our well-being. The point is that we should eat very slowly and the meal should be an excuse to take a break from it all, because there are side effects to those who consume your meals too fast and at least 5 good reasons why you should eat slowly.


Eat slowly to lose weight

Chew the food slowly, according to one study, helps us to lose weight. The reason for this? Very simple: chewing the food slowly reduces the sense of hunger; if we try to do a pause between one course and another, in the meantime, we will begin to feel satiated, which will eat less. And it is the feast that actually makes us fat!


Eating slowly reduces the risk of diabetes

According to a research conducted in Japan eating too fast exposes us to insulin resistance, which obviously increases the risk of diabetes and any heart problems, moreover, very often this habit seems to have a certain bond with the metabolic syndrome. So eating more slowly means taking care of your state of well-being and refuge from certain diseases.


Eating slowly reduces the reflux of gastric

Eating too fast can have a negative impact on digestion and can cause episodes of gastric reflux, but of course you must also take into account the types of foods and the quality of our meals. To learn more: acid Reflux diet and foods to avoid


Eating slowly improves digestion

Take more time to eat improves digestion because it leads us to chew food more slowly and even better. The digestion will be faster because the food will be predigest in the mouth due to the action of the saliva.


Eating slowly prevents anxiety

According to several studies consuming food too fast does not increase anxiety, especially if there is work. The reason for this? Chew fast food, and then chew it hurt, cause absorption does not correct the essential nutrients that also affect the nervous system. So eat well and chew food slowly not only prevents anxiety, but can actively contribute to the well-being of our body.