8 Beauty Tips from Around the World

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You will look quite good and will not spend anything if you follow these traditional beauty tips, which come from different part of our world.


Eight wonderful advice which will have something special to read. In fact, these are tips that come from different parts of the world. All women are beautiful, but there are some countries that see them as excellent; that they have learned some beauty techniques which are worth to try.

1) India

If you want long hair and shiny as Indian women do buy coconut oil (in a shop that sold herbal products) and use it instead of the usual spices. He is a true solution for skin and hair. Suffice it to get a small amount of this oil and spread on the scalp with a light massage, if you want to have long hair and healthy, strong.

2) Spain

Spain “brings” a very special way to use potatoes without worrying about carbohydrates!It highlighted that Spanish women use potato slices to eliminate the black around the eyes and to give it a glow. This suggestion with very low cost is also very easy to implement since it lacks none potatoes in their homes.

3) Australia

Australian women use more papaw oil. In fact, this oil offers many applications. It can be used to solve skin burns and various other skin issues. To nourish dry lips and to cure ecnes. Top-model Uajtli Hjutinkton Rozi (Rosie Huntington-Whitely) keeps perfectly her lips oil well and thanks to papaw ointment.

4) Dominican Republic

How about a simple remedy and quick to make hair shining and incoherent? Dominican Republic women teach us that to achieve this it is enough tonic water use. He used after shampooing to make a final rinse hair. Tonic water makes hair soft enough, it eliminates residues present in water tracing.

5) Chile

From the most prominent ingredients of beauty treatment used in Chile is extracted from red grapes and flour. Specifically should get red grapes, to squeez and then to mix it with flour and so will create a composition (like cream) that you can apply on the face with circular movements. It left only 10 minutes and then rinsed. This treatment is very simple and economic credited to nourish the skin and make it more tonic.

6) Japan

From Japan comes the suggestion to use oil Kamelia’s flowers (Camelia) for hair care, skin and nails.

7) Italy

This advice comes from our neighboring country, Italy, is: use a mixture of yogurt with olive oil for hair care. Proportion is a great cup of yogurt and a tablespoon of oil. It is applied on the hair, leave for 5 minutes and then rinsed with cold water. Otherwise it is a cost effective alternative to hair masks.

8) France

Beyond the Alps of Italy comes the suggestion to use the lemon in the case of nail polish.French women squeeze a lemon juice and mix it with hot water, then to plunge nails. This treatment restores the color of their natural nails, because over time they tend to turn yellow due to the use of dark manicure.

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