Gay Marriages in Germany: Parliament Approves

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Historic vote in Germany: the German Bundestag approved with 393 votes for same-sex marriage.Among the votes against that of Chancellor Angela Merkel for which “the only real marriage is between a man and a woman”. The proposal from the legalization of gay marriage was proposed by party Spd.

The Germany said yes: the German Parliament approved a law allowing gay marriageDespite the vote against Angela Merkel, for which “marriage is only between a man and a woman”, the German Bundestag gave the passes to the wedding. The No of the Chancellor went on top of the 226 votes, while for the Yes voted 393 members.

It’s a historic vote that of Germany, where voting took place yesterday ended with 393 votes in favor, 226 against and 4 abstentionsAmong those there was just what Chancellor Merkel: the only real marriage is between a man and a woman. Merkel, however, although she had clearly reiterated her stance, decided to leave freedom to vote at the CDU(Christian Democratic Union of Germany), of which she is President.

The law that guarantees equal dignity between the marriage between heterosexuals and homosexuals had been proposed by the SPD Social Democrats

Civil unions in Germany

Germany which now opens to gay marriage see anyway for years recognized unmarried couples : the “eingetragenen Partnerschaften”, civil unions, approved in 2001 by the Schöder Government and Fischer, 15 years before the draft bill Cirinnà became effective in 2016. Over the years they have been altered to extend the rights of de facto couples, especially those of the same sex. One of the latest, for example, three years ago with the equivalence of tax treatment between homo and hetero families.

Angela Merkel, amenable to civil unions, had always expressed instead against marriage equality between men and women. At the same time held to emphasize that in recent years in Germany, had already been eliminated little by little all discrimination against gay couples in which just lacked the right to adopt children.

Now with this historic vote, arrived after a very long and exhausting debate, the Germany legalizes same-sex marriages.

“I hope that today’s vote not only promotes respect for differences but also bring more social cohesion and peace,” said German Chancellor Angela Merkel.