Hair: 7 Ways To Be in Order, Even in The Gym

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A nice appearance in the gym is also obtained by arranging the hair in an orderly way, just to be able to combine comfort with style. Who has long hair, you can have fun with tails high, braids and chignon; if you have short hair or medium must be secured by locks, the rebels, fringes and locks the mountain climbing clips or clamps: the important thing is not present with the styling as soon as done, indeed, but always be in place.

Here are seven tips to hairstyles to copy to have hair in order even during strenuous sessions of work-out up to the final stretching.

  1. The low tail is an option that is classic and elegant. By applying the gel to the junction you can keep up for hours before the hairstyle without running the risk of the hair in front of the face. Can be made more original by stopping the end of the queue, so as to create a sort of bubble on the shoulders.
  2. The high ponytail is the most traditional hairstyles and has the advantage of not having uncomfortable strands along the shoulders, in addition to being, at this moment, very much loved by the stars for the evening gala and the red carpet.
  3. The chignon is a solution that is practical and elegant at the same time in the gym and also ideal for those who go in the swimming pool. The chignon round (spiral) is perfect in fact for those who practice a water sport.
  4. The chignon is perfect even in its variant disheveled hair, better still if maxi, then realized about halfway up the neck, starting from a head of hair rather long, by rolling up all the hair and fermandoli with an elastic band. A few clumps rebel that falls on the shoulders or to frame your face will be a detail and not a symptom of disorder, for the after workout a splash of hairspray will hold the hairstyle in place until the evening.
  5. Those who prefer to look more defined, you can choose between braids: single, herringbone, French, from above or even a little more saucy with two braids. For a look that’s even more “in order” can be turned around the nape of the neck and stops with clothespins or clips.
  6. The braid with a more funky? Just divide the hair in three sections: right, left and center. You create a braid classic, and for every section that you go to attach in the center of the nape of the neck with a clothespin. The three sections of hair will then be closed in a tail or in a bun.
  7. Stop the hair band is ideal for those who love to leave the crown open. There are many different sorts, different, colorful, with a vintage touch: a solution of fashion and ideal to keep away from the eyes and firm the hair.


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