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How to make a travel journal to preserve the memories of the holidays

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When we part for the holidays, we often think only of to go to and never as the return will be. But the return has its own, made mostly of beautiful memories to treasure and relive. Of course, there are the photos on your smartphone, business cards and maps to be put in the drawer, but often ends up all lost in the chaos of the paperwork!

That’s why for those who love take a trip and holiday is a true globetrotter, the travel journal is a unique idea and to realize. And to create it you just need to a memo the white! Then we make our travel diary in which to note down almost everything:

  • Impressions (so bring a nice pen that will write well)
  • The facts (on the 6th of August we woke up very early to visit the beautiful Royal Gardens…)
  • Funny episodes that occurred during the trip
  • The restaurant is beautiful (and good) in which you ate
  • The name of the hotel and the B&B so cute in that busy city… how was it called?

In the travel diary will then be possible to insert small pockets in which to put business cards, memorabilia, travel, unique objects and rare to find, thus creating a diary of a journey made in a workmanlike manner, with a small archive, happy where it is to go to the dive every time we want to travel more… with the memories and the fantasy.


Carry bags: white and transparent, paper clips, post-it and a bit of glue in a small case to put in the bag. We can structure your travel journal to document every moment of your vacation, from departure to return, or we can create a travel diary in the form of a book in which to insert the various items:

  • Maps
  • Phone numbers
  • Addresses
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels




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