What Are Beautiful Breasts?

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In different times and era have standards of the beautiful female breast have been changed. The fashion was large and lush Breasts, a little conical. Now the ideal is the chest of such a size that in all movements of the body retains the same shape. Hence beautiful in the modern world consider high and firmer Breasts, in spite of its size, most importantly – tone.

Just check the tone of this breast.


What is the tone of the breast? This is how it looks. A woman’s Breasts, therefore, should be young, tall and supple. The tone and the chest height is determined in the following way – put a pencil under her bosom. If it falls, then everything is fine, will remain – hence, the problem of sagging Breasts already exists, and it should work.



I wonder if you can tell these breasts are beautiful or not. Whether there are certain natural parameters of the “ideal” breast. Well, there is the possibility that we can’t find some accurate response.

For example,from what specific point to what should be measured. How tall or say physique women should have them. Again, it is unclear what to make at all. Some “ideal” the parameters are:

  • the upper part of the chest should be 1/3 or 33% of the total volume
  • lower part – 2/3 or 67%.
  • the distance from the nipple to the center of the chest – 9 -11 cm;
  • the distance from the nipple to the clavicle 21 cm;
  • areola diameter – of 3.5 to 4.5 cm
  • distance from the crease under the breast to the nipple 7 to 8 cm;
  • fold length 11-14 cm
  • the angle of elevation should be 20 – 45 degrees.



Women somehow believe that large breasts guarantee their success, especially in love, in family and even in business.  A couple of years ago a well-known men’s magazine interviewed around the world more than one million men by asking the question – “What size do you like the female breast”. And what were the results? Large breast preferred by about 12 percent of those surveyed while 7% voted for small. Almost half of the men found it difficult to answer this question. When asked to clarify the criteria of attractive breast they were confused. It was not the size, mostly responded that – “the way it looks.” That is the same tone, skin and so on …

But, regardless, you’re happy with your size or not, keep your chest in tone, if necessary, adjust its shape, make the skin soft. It’s your body and it is absolutely within your power.